Muffins Are Just Ugly Cupcakes

I may have an abnormal fascination with cupcakes. I love them. Has anyone tried the Cupcake Pebbles?

Just to be clear: I’m all about the icing. The cake, not so much. I’d also like to clear up that I also love muffins, especially blueberry ones, and oreos ones, and key lime ones. I love all muffins, just as much as cupcakes, but I wanted a funny title for my post.

I love that Kiefer has Boo and Radley because that means I can bake goodies (e.g., cupcakes), save one or two for myself, and then give Kiefer, Boo, and Radley the rest. Portion control and self control at its best. (Meanwhile, Boo and Radley want me to open my own pastry shop.)

I made cupcakes for Halloween with gravestones and gummy worms in dirt (oreos). I baked cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day with green frosting and gold coins. Cupcakes for Easter, birthdays, picnics…cupcakes for all occasions.

And I’m not just all about eating them. I also own a couple pairs of cupcake underwear, a cupcake t-shirt, cupcake pajamas shorts, and cupcake socks.

Today I stumbled across this, and it…well, uh, takes the cake.

So cute. I may need to buy it. Not for me, but for my unborn daughter.


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3 responses to “Muffins Are Just Ugly Cupcakes

  • badkidsgoodgrammar

    I love that you checked out my blog, and in turn, I checked out yours, and then, you have a page dedicated to cupcakes.

    Consider yourself my friend. Even if it’s not mutual 🙂

  • Laura

    Hi there!
    Love your blog! I make cupcakes ans pipe frosting is really the best part or it! I’m brazilian trying to learn more and more about this american secret.. best cupcakes of the world!
    come and see my work!

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