Barney Stinson, The Man, The Legend, The Dairy

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I take that back. The last couple months have been crazy…and by crazy, I mostly mean crazy busy and stressful.

And you know what cures stress? Laughter.

And what makes Kiefer and I laugh?

Barney Stinson. How can you not love him? In case you don’t know who I’m referring to, stop reading this post and immediately go to the How I Met Your Mother website. I can’t believe you’ve gone this long and not seen the show.

At the very least, you should have seen him during the Superbowl.

Having a bad day? Watching this man will cheer you up. Yes, he’s a bit of player, but part of what makes it so great is that it’s Doogie Howser (yet not)! And he grew up to be a player!

Here’s just a sampling of his quotes:

  • “I’m not Barney…but I hear that guy’s awesome.”
  • “It’s going to be legen–wait for it–dary!”
  • “A girl is allowed to be crazy as long as she is equally hot.”

I also suggesting reading The Bro Code, written by the Barnacle himself:

This is the one show Kiefer and I watch together and laugh-out-loud thoroughly enjoy. He quite possible owes me his life for introducing him to it.

We tried to watch Supernatural, but he just doesn’t find the haunting plot or Winchester brothers as appealing as I do. We tried Arrest Development, and although I made it through the entire first season (which is more than Kiefer can say about Supernatural), the rest of the seasons became my designated nap time. Kiefer would wake up me at the end to find my sleepy self drooling on his shoulder or knee.

But How I Met Your Mother, whenever Kiefer and I have a bad day, we pop in a DVD of this show…doesn’t matter that we’ve seen it ten times already…and laugh until we feel better.

In conclusion, yes, I’m finally coming full circle: Barney Stinson, The Man, The Legend (dairy)–Watch him, love him, laugh with him.

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