Halfway to Halloween

Halloween: The best holiday ever. That’s right. I said it. Halloween is the BEST holiday. Even better than Christmas.

That’s why I’m proposing (again) a new holiday. Wait for it…Halfway to Halloween on April 30! Or May 1, I’m flexible. We’re in need of another costume holiday, and more candy is always a plus.

Last year’s Halloween was great. I watched horror movies almost every day in October. (For the rest of the year, it’s maybe once or twice a week.) I started scouting out costumes over the summer and bought 5, returned/sold 3, and kept 2. I ended up going as Dorothy, and that’s Kiefer as Beetlejuice.

And we did a zombie bar crawl. Awesome.

To quote my good buddy Barney Stinson, “It was legen–wait for it–dary!”

And so I put the question to you…Why not have awesomeness twice a year? Celebrate the Halfway to Halloween Holiday and maybe it will catch on!

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