Taking Off My Pants For a Good Cause

“I’m so tired of taking off my pants,” a friend said this weekend in a room full of giggling ladies. I wish I could take credit for it. It cracked me up.

Sunday several friends and I got together for wine, fudge, good company, and CLOTHING. We all cleaned out our closets and brought our clothes to a friend’s house where we swapped. I tried to be conservative and went home with a skirt, dress, and new shirt. It was like shopping, but the clothes were free!

And even better…the clothes that were left over are going to the local women’s shelter.

Women’s sizing is so odd to me. With a range of women in different shapes and sizes, we all still found something to take home.

My closet is full of sizes ranging from 6-13, and from small to extra large. I’m still shocked on those rare occasions when I find a shirt that’s a small and it fits me. Seriously? Anyone else think that is annoying? Fashion is toying with my emotions.


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