The Dude Says, “Try Walking a Mile in Another Man’s Bowling Shoes”

Look! Kiefer and I got new shoes! And we match!

Just kidding! Last year for Kiefer’s birthday we went to Lebowskifest because Kiefer loves “The Dude.” It was at Strike, a really cool bowling alley with black lights and fun drinks. They show the movie while you bowl, and people dress up as characters from the movie. Fun stuff.

This little outing shows you how much I love Kiefer because I’m not really into bowling. Actually bowling is ok…it’s bowling shoes I have a problem with.  (Before we move on, let me stress that I am indeed wearing socks in this pic; they just slid down.)

Anyone else with me on this shoe business? I’m really picky about what I put on my feet. Probably because I’m selfconscious about my feet. Because they’re BIG. Depending on the brand, I wear a size 10 or 9.5. And I’m big into pedicures as an attempt to pretty them up in the summer.

Most of my shoes are black so I can take advantage of the color’s slimming effect. Quite possible the best compliment I’ve ever received came from my exfiance’s mom (the ex was probably Mephistopheles but his mom was nice).  Anyways, she said, “Your feet are so tiny!”

I swear I teared up.


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