Ring, Schming

Despite cramming the St. Patty’s Day celebration into a mere 4 hours, I still had a great time. 

First stop: Irish Bar #1. Kiefer Sutherland and I arrived around 6 PM, and it was packed. I had a salad and part of a crab quesdilla. (You’ll soon see that I have a crab dip obsession. But I’m from Maryland, so it’s to be expected.) I also had two drinks. If you usually drink cranberry juice and vodka, ask for it with blueberry, raspberry, and cherry vodka. Tastes sooo much better.


Needless to say these drinks were very strong, and since I hadn’t had much to eat, I began to babble. Normally, I’m pretty quiet, but the alcohol makes me talk nonstop. Someone I know asked if Kiefer and I were married, and I wish I had a mirror so I could have seen my own face because he immediately said, “Uh-oh…I stepped into it there.”

I told him, no, we weren’t married; no, we weren’t engaged; and no, we weren’t living together. This provoked another familiar response: “Really? But you two threw that Halloween party, so I thought you lived there.”

How many times do I go through this same conversation? At least once a month, and it’s so frustrating. And I’ve been going through it forever, beginning after dating Kiefer only a few months.

So on the way to Irish Bar #2, I began telling Kiefer about the conversation and how he needed to hurry up on the  “house, schmoush, ring schming” situation. Yes, I used those exact words. I also began saying “Dude” every 2 minutes.

Luckily the drive was short, so Kiefer didn’t have to listen to me add “sch” to everything I said. This next bar served smores! And their warm, gooey, chocolately goodness placated me for the rest of the night.


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