I Am a Disgrace: No Green Clothes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Let me start out by being as truthful as possible: I forgot it was St. Patty’s today.  (I can admit this without fear only because Stone Cold Blarney is in Seattle, so there’s no fear of her wrath or retaliation.)

But even if I had remembered, it wouldn’t have mattered because I have no green clothing. At least not any that I can wear to work. I own one green t-shirt (and green sweater but it’s too warm now and it’s dirty). The rest of my closet looks like a giant bruise: purple, black, and blue. A bruise with some scratches: I own a couple red blouses.

Maybe it’s time to branch out. But into what color? I strongly dislike orange and yellow. I’m not a big fan of green, except maybe a light minty green. What does that leave? Pink. You have to be careful with pink.

Apparently, I should look for these colors because they flatter everyone: eggplant, teal, and rose (http://www.lovelyish.com/712753548/4-colors-that-are-flattering-on-everyone/). I veto eggplant. Flattering color it may be, but unflattering name.

I hear you: “What did she wear last year?” Green socks to work, and to the bar after work, I changed into a black skirt with tights that had green clovers on them.

Anyways, so far I have managed to stay pinch-free. Just 8 hours more to go!


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