Writing Procrastination

For years, I’ve been writing on and off, but I never seen to complete anything. Except for several personal journals. I wish I could find (or make) more time to work on my writing. Whenever I start to write, after several pages, I’ll get a completely different idea for a completely different story. And then I get distracted. 

This whole not completing anything is odd for me. I’m not a procrastinator. (The boyfriend is and it drives me nuts.) Finish things as early as possible so I don’t need to stress about them later is my motto. So, why oh why, can I not seem to write anything through to the end?

To remedy this, I’m taking a writing class at the local community college that’s supposed to help you write a novel. I don’t have the guts to  take a class by myself, so my good friend “Blarney” is taking the class, too. (See her blog link to the left.)

So far we’ve had two classes. The teacher has helped us a lot with character development and how characters drive the plot. She’s also given us some great resources, including this one to help with character names: http://www.behindthename.com/

Could this possibly be the beginning of an ending to some of my stories? Stay tuned.



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