Work Schmirk

For several years I’ve been working as a technical editor/writer, but in November, the study I worked on was cut. While I count myself fortunate to work for a company that was able to find me another position, I’m not sure I’m digging this new job as a proposal editor.

Let’s first look at the position’s name. Yes, I work on proposals. But can I really consider what I’m doing editing? Sometimes I get to do a light edit, but mostly I coordinate. Coordinate between the word processors and the proposal managers and the study directors and the Vice Presidents.

Good point: it’s cool to work with so many people.

Bad point: EVERYTHING is late. Other proposal editors, is this normal? I like to get everything done early, and having all of the work come to me the day it’s due is stressing me out. And I have to stay late to get everything done.

Bad point: Because the summer is busy, I can’t take more than 3 days off in a row. Seriously? I’ve finally reached a point in my life when I have accumulated tons of vacation (and comp time from staying late), and now I can’t take it?

Yesterday some said to me, “I know you have to go, but can you wait a few more minutes? Of course you can because this is your life right  now.” 

Let’s get one thing straight. Work is never my life.


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