A Snail’s Pace

Yesterday my brother called me to fill me in on his birthday plans, and after establishing a time and place, he told me he couldn’t talk long because he was looking at apartments with his girlfriend, so they could move in together.

The proud big sister delight kicked in. He’s a couple years younger than me, and not only is this his first long-term relationship, it is also the first time he’ll be living with a girlfriend. (Between growing up with me and living with a girl roomie in college, I feel like he is pretty knowledgeable, sensitive, and semi-prepared for this.) I’m so happy for him to start this new phase in his life. =)

Shortly after getting off the phone, emotions about my own situation began to kick in. My brother started dating his girlfriend just a few weeks before Kiefer Sutherland and I did. Not only did my brother beat Kiefer to the punch on saying, “I love you,” but now on moving in together, too? Aren’t older men supposed to move faster than younger ones? Did I pick the only slow one crawling at a snail’s pace?

Boyfriend and I started looking for places to live about 8 months ago. When we started looking, the time was bad: we made appointments to see houses and they were gone before we could even look at them. Then were the summer vacations that slowed us down from, and then we didn’t want to move in the snow, and then there was the house we loved that someone submitted an application on just hours before we did.

And I know Kiefer andI have to be more selective since he has two sons to think about as well, but it’s still disappointing, and so unbelievably frustrating, and has on more than one occasion brought me to tears.

I hate to end on such a depressing note, especially on a Friday. I’d really like to live in the My Little Pony Castle, so let me know if you have any suggestions or have seen something similar near by.


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