Dear John, Savannah Thinks You’re Too Young…

On Friday for Ladies Night, a few friends and I planned to see Dear John. Of course this meant I needed to read the book first. I ran out to Borders to buy the book (pausing only briefly for hot chocolate–my weakness) and then rushed home to begin reading it. I tore through it, and when I finally reached the end, I found myself conflicted. I read The Rescue and Nights in Rodanthe and enjoyed both. I’m pretty sure I read The Notebook and enjoyed it, but maybe I just saw the movie. Because the book was Nicholas Sparks, I didn’t expect a neatly tied up happy ending, but still…

Onto the movie…Before commenting on the movie, let me digress and first mention that the theater was full–of teenagers and their dates! Why is that the husbands, fiances, and boyfriends of 28-year-old women adamantly refused to see this movie, yet the teenage boys willingly accompanied their girlfriends? As men grow older, do they lose something? Maybe this is where the sex withholding comes in? Are these young men hoping to get “some” in return for accompanying their girlfriends to the movie? Or are they genuinely interested in spending times with their girlfriends? Am I naive? I am really interested in other views on this.

Returning from my tangent, the movie left  me with even more mixed emotions than the book. BEWARE! Spoilers from this point on!

I know the movie is never as good as the book. (Although I did enjoy The Lovely Bones movie.) I know things need to change to make the story short enough that the audience’s butts don’t fall asleep in the theater. But why…oh why did they make Savannah marry the Dad? Was it just me or did that have kind of a creepy feel? In the book, I felt like Tim genuinely cared for Savannah and Savannah for him. In the movie, I felt like he was more interested in finding someone to take care of his son, and I felt like Savannah was weak for falling for it.


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5 responses to “Dear John, Savannah Thinks You’re Too Young…

  • Kristy

    The teenage boys do go just for the mere possibility of getting some ass afterward lol.

  • thoughtsappear

    So if I hold out the week of the movie, do you think I could get the boyfriend to see it with me? =)

  • Jeremy

    I think you are right. The need to impress gradually fades away, no matter what the intent is. I think this occurs for both parties and is probably not recognized by either until later in the relationship when one or the other finally speaks up about how things have changed.

    • thoughtsappear

      You’re right. Things definitely change as relationships progress. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes it means not sitting through any more chick flicks. I did watch The Bourne Identity or something like that last week though, so bonus points for me! Long time no talk, Jeremy! Thanks for reading. I hope you and your family are doing well!

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