Who Framed Roger Rabbit in Film Noir?

Dear College Professor,

This is an apology. When I wrote my master’s thesis on film noir and neo-noir, I completely missed a movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I’m sorry I overlooked this movie. I hope that this Movies Teach Us post makes up for it.



Here’s what I learned from Who Framed Roger Rabbit:

  • Cartoons are real in Hollywood.
  • Never play Patty Cake with someone other than your significant other.
  • Penguins can serve drinks…which means my dreamĀ of training a penguin to be a butler is possible!
  • Hit people on the head with frying pans so they don’t get hurt.
  • Booby traps are real.
  • Jessica isn’t a true femme fatale. She’s not really bad, she was just drawn that way.

    It's ok that this baby is smoking because it's a cigar, not a cigarette.

Most importantly, I learned that in the cartoon world, Hugh Heffner wouldn’t stand a chance. Baby Herman gets all the chicks.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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